Soft, durable vinyl bag attaches securely with two adjustable, flexible straps
Features anti-reflux valve and twist outlet valve
100% latex free
3 sizes: 500ml, 600ml, 1000ml
Each urinal has a sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions by a bedridden patient
All are lightweight, durable and easy to clean
Graduation marks to measure output
Single use
Not for oral use
Capacity: 60ml
Luex-Lok tip
Helps treat hemorrhoids and other conditions in the anal and genital areas
Ideal for post-episiotomy patients
Wide contoured edges for added comfort, fits all standard commodes
Vents in bowl help prevent accidental overflow
Contains 2 qt solution bag, 2.1qt basin, 5ft tube
1200cc outer basin tray
500cc plastic graduate
Irrigating piston syringe
Waterproof drape
Antiseptic wipe
Self-adhering, for standard everyday use
No straps to straps to strangulate or constrict
3 color-coded sizes: Standard, Medium, Large

Bulb type

Capacity: 60cc
Bladder and/or wound irrigation
Individually wrapped

Guild stripe allows for monitoring of catheter tip

Semi-rigid red rubber
Sterile for intermittent catheterization
Size: 16FR, 18FR

Latex-free, straight tip catheter made of softer, flexible material

Firmer than red rubber, softer than plastic
Fire-polished eyelets
Size: 12FR -- 20FR

Bed Pan Fracture Rubbermaid convenient handle on the back allows for easy grasp.

Lightweight polyethylene.

2 opposing eyes

Formerly Davol Urology
Medium length
Size: 5CC12FR-5CC30FR, 30CC12FR-30CC24FR

Made of Latex

18 inch tubing and connector

Components for aseptic prepping

Catheter not included
4 options available

1200cc basin tray

500cc solutions container
Alcohol wipe
Waterproof drape
60cc 2-piece bulb syringe

2 size options abailable

Vented drip chamber
Anti-reflux valve
Urine sample port

Durable and easy to use

Essential for anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed
Bed Pan fracture rubbermaid convenient handle on the back allows for easy grasp
Lightweight polyethylene
2 size available: large or small