Lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health

Available in knee high, tight high, panty hose and maternity styles and various sizes

Beige surgical elastic with contour design

1.5" aluminum stay is pre-shaped to fit the palm
Specify left or right hand

For flexion and hyperextension (whiplash), injuries, torticollis and osteoarthritis

Perforated polyethylene with vinyl covered foam padded edges; hook-and-loop fastening and adjustment panels
Simple and quick anterior height adjustment from 3” to 5”
   Adapts for flexion, extension and torticollis

Woven elastic construction with a simulated hinged stitch for a conformed, tapered fit.

Hook compatible exterior for a wider range of adjustability and easy application; plush lining.
Ideal for weak abdominal muscles after surgery or pregnancy. Hides well under clothing.
Latex free.
Color: White.

This adjustable support is designed to help provide relief from pain and soreness in the form arm and elbow.

Gel pad provides concert rated pressure to help relieve elbow discomfort soft, breathable materials for increased comfort.
Provides firm, adjustable support and compression.
Adjustable strap for custom fit
Anti-microbial treatment reduces odor-causing bacteria

Designed to correct poor posture by gently pulling the shoulders back and holding them in the proper position.

Elastic side panels provide support compression to stabilize the abdominal and lumbar regions for improved posture and alignment.
Two bendable aluminum stays provide additional support and can be removed and shaped to contour the back.
Elastic straps help prevent slouching and are soft and comfortable to prevent pinching of the skin.
The criss-cross design in the back allows for greater adjustability.
It helps to improve poor posture and relieve pain caused by arthritis.
Can also minimize a "stooped" posture often associated with mild osteoporosis.
Latex free.
Color: Beige.

Stabilizes the wrist while still allowing full movement of the fingers.

Open-cell foam material is cool and breathable and provides comfortable compression.
Features a removable palmer stay and two medial/lateral stays for extra support and immobilization.
Prevents wrist flexion, extension, rotation, and deviation.
Latex free. S
Specify right or left.
Color: Beige.

This adjustable stabilizer is ideal for sprains, strains, and arthritic knee conditions.  Self-adjusting straps provide adjustable support and compression as you need it.  The soft neoprene blend retains body heat for increased circulation to help relieve pain, promote healing, and keep your knee flexible.  Perforated fabric increases breath ability for comfortable all-day wear.  Wraparound design for easy on and off. Flexible steel springs support and protect both sides of the knee Double buttress supports and protects kneecap while assisting with proper tracking of patella Open patella helps prevent slippage while keeping kneecap in place Self-adjusting straps provide custom fit for controlled compression. Perforated fabric increases breath ability

Provides compressive support Sports neoprene Open patella Easy slip-on style Single layer front when added compression is not needed Made of lightweight neoprene with a soft nylon loop lining Measure around leg 4 in above center of kneecap. Pediatric Small: Age 2-3 years and Fits 6 in-8 in Pediatric Medium: Age 4-5 years and Fits 8 in-10 in Pediatric Large: Age 6-7 years and Fits 10 in-12 in Available in Navy only

Standard pullover neoprene sleeve provides compression with therapeutic warmth. Available in open patella (37-373) or closed patella (37-374).

Color: Navy or Black
Size: S, M, L, XL

Comfortable, firm support for weak or injured wrists

Fits right or left arm
Made of a lightweight material for a breathable alternative to neoprene
Unique knit design for precise compression
Lycra provides compressive support while maintaining flexibility
Measure around center of wrist

Stretch knitted material allows for excellent compression and flexibility.

Targeted compression above and below the joint. Elastic top band keeps the support from shifting.
Stabilizes weak or injured knees, increases circulation, reduces pain and swelling. Latex free.
Color: Blue, Beige         

Stretch knitted material allows for excellent compression and flexibility.

Targeted compression above and below the joint on soft tissues.
Elastic top band keeps the support from shifting.
Latex free.
Fits right or left.
Color: Beige, Blue.

Stretch knitted material allows for excellent flexibility and targeted compression on soft tissues.

Made of a lightweight material for a breathable alternative to neoprene.
Elastic provides compressive support while maintaining flexibility.
Latex free.
Fits right or left.
Color: Blue, Beige                   
Size: S - XL

Focused compression for less constriction

Breathable material enhances comfort and wear ability
Simple, effective design makes it easy to apply
One size fits most for reduced inventory requirements

Bio Skin’s® Patella Stabilizer is an excellent choice for various knee problems. Constructed from Bio Skin’s® patented, breathable materials, the patella stabilizer gives excellent compression to control swelling and decrease pain. The interchangeable donut/horseshoe shaped buttresses stabilize the patella and help keep swelling away from the joint. The brace is comfortable to wear and stays in place even during vigorous activity.

Available with an open or closed patella. •Interchangeable horseshoe and donut buttresses •Unique strapping system minimizes migration •Available in open or closed patella

An aluminum stay embedded in cushioning foam for padded comfort. Hollow channel on underside of the splint minimizes pressure on carpal tunnel region.

Stay can be bent to any angle required. Plush, moisture-wicking fabric cover means it stays dry and comfortable. Soft Beta Pile II™ straps.
Fits left or right.
S / M - Fits most women and smaller men.
L - Fits most men and larger women.

Provides support and stability to help relieve low back discomfort.

Strong mesh elastic material conforms to body contours for a cool, comfortable, custom fit.
Optional metal stays may be shaped to provide extra-firm support to the spine. Wide elastic adjustment panels provide varying degrees of compression to the low back - easily accessed and adjusted.
Simple hook and loop fastening.

Designed for comfort, the wraparound design provides firm adjustable support for a custom fit.  Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, allowing user to remain active.  Ideal for minor sprains, strains and arthritic knee conditions. Soft neoprene blend retains body heat for soothing warmth to help relieve pain and keep knee joint flexible Open patella helps relieve pressure on kneecap Wraparound design for easy on and off Fully-trimmed edges with smooth seams for durability and comfort. One size fit all

Bio Skin’s® Hinged Knee Skin™ is the lightest hinged knee brace available. The offset, bicentric hinges conform to the shape of the leg and provide extra support to knees with ligament damage. Constructed from Bio Skin’s® unique, breathable materials, the Hinged Knee Skin™ also provides excellent compression to control swelling and pain and to speed healing in a damaged joint. Wrap-around design allows for easy application. •Front Closure application •Offset hinge reduces pressure at the knee joint •Unique strapping system minimizes migration •Donut and horseshoe buttresses can change position to allow custom patellar support                  

Weight: 0.84 lb

Light weight (5oz)

Double-layer elastic waistband
Fully-ventilated pocket for pad
Flannel leg strap (with Velcro) adjusts up, down, sideways
Protection for Left, Right or Double side
Available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L, XL

A night splint actually comfortable enough to sleep in! Made of cool, breathable foam material, this plantar facilities night splint is lightweight with less bulk than other night splint devices for superior comfort.

The inner shell provides lateral side support with an opening at the ankle to prevent irritation on the sensitive anklebone. An adjustable hinge adjusts the amount of dorsiflexion from 0 to 10º, and a built-in toe wedge gives an additional 5º plane for even greater stretch across the plantar fascia.
Easy and quick to apply and comfortable enough to sleep in.
Specify right or left.
Color: Black.

Lightweight and flexible with hook & loop closure

Covered in natural colored stockinette
Maximum control of head and neck
Natural shade vinyl reinforcement strap on a firm foam

Multi-purpose shoe provides controlled ambulation & protection for fractures, sprains, dermatitis, diabetic ulcers, is chemic foot & osteomites.

Padded nylon mesh shoe has two adjustable Velcro® straps that fit comfortably over dressings or casts.
Fit left or right.
Lightweight rigid plastic sole.

Straps wrap around from the shoulder/back to the front forming a figure 8

Lightweight fabric on the back panel with stays
Aids in the correction of the posture
For sizing measure around the chest

Designed for maximum protection, comfort, and greater patient security

Washable, with a comfortable foam insole
Fits either foot and comes in a complete range of sizes
Available sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL

Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells for protection, comfort, and the prevention of inversion/eversion Patented Duplex™ aircell system to enhance circulation and reduce swelling Pre-Inflated aircells for easy application

Streamlined fit in shoes for early protected weight-bearing

Designed to help support and protect sore, weak, sprained, strained, and arthritic ankles. The patented strapping system provides firm and even support to your ankle. The soft neoprene blend retains body heat for soothing warmth to help relieve pain and keep your ankle flexible. It's lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Adjustable tension straps provide custom fit for controlled compression Sectional design minimizes slippage and bunching Seamless design helps prevent irritation and chafing Open heel allows for a snug, comfortable fit one size fits most