Med-Aire Mattress Overlay System

For use in the prevention and treatment of decubitis ulcer the quiet, high volume pump produces 8 LPM of pressure Special vibration isolating features insure that the patient rests easily LED indicators provide critical performance data and alert caregiver when pressure falls below 10mmHg easy to replace individual bladders Mattress ahs 20 air bladders, 9 with laser cut low air loss function to increase patient comfort: helps keep the patient cool and speeds recovery quick fill adapter and carry bag standard Spring lined air tubes prevents kinks and disruption of air pressure CPR valves provide fast (20 second) release of air from the mattress 8" cells are constructed with Nylon/50% TPU that is firm and heavy weight The Nylon/TPU cover material is heavy weight, water resistant, vapor permeable, has a fiber quilted bottom and is machine washable to provide protection and comfort. The cover attaches to the mattress with snaps

300 lbs weight capacity

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