Parata Robotic Dispensing System

[ | 2006] In 2006, Confucius Pharmacy installed the Parata Robotic Dispensing System (RDS) in its prescription department. Parata RDS utilizes the newest automated dispensing technology that is efficient and accurate. Filling prescriptions in less than 20 seconds, Parata RDS is one of the fastest retail Robotic Dispensing System on the market.

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At Confucius Pharmacy, our commitment is to deliver quality customer service. Not only are we concerned about the speed of the prescription filling process, we also consider prescription accuracy as our top priority.

The Parata Robotic Dispensing System provides three accuracy steps: 
1. NDC bar-code scanning,
2. An audible warning tone
3. "intelligent dispensing cells"  to ensure the correctness of the entire filling process.

Together with all the technology, our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are professionally trained to ensure all prescriptions are filled with maximum accuracy. With the implementation of the Parata RDS, Confucius Pharmacy can provide our customers with a higher level of service and care.

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