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2017 NY Mannings Scholarship






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2017 Mannings Health Workshop 4

【Communications - ways to tell family members, loved ones, and doctors of how you feel】(04/18/2017)


We would like to thank Michelle Chu and Lynn Hsu from Hamilton Madison House as our speakers at our Mannings Health Workshop. Miss Chu explained: In general, Asians do not like to share their feelings with others even if they have pressure or feeling depression. Everyone feels down once in a while. But depression is more than a mood. It is an illness that affects both mind and body. Depression can change the way you think. It can make normal, everyday activities difficult. It can take the joy out of life. It may be irritable or angry, as well as sad. May worry a lot, get scared and cry easily or try to hurt themselves. Therefore, if you can identify the emotions, try taking the appropriate steps to express and communicate with family member, or friends or doctor. Listeners need to understand their feelings, and find a good way to solve the problem together, rebuild confidence and keep healthy mentally and physicially.
There were many attendees and those who signed up received a FREE healthy lunch at our event. Next workshop will be held on 05/16/2017 from 12pm - 2pm at 273 Bowery NY, NY 10013 (University Settlement at the Houston Street Center). Topic: [Medicare Made Clear & Essential Plan Overview]. Seat is limited, must call (212) 475-5008 to sign up. See you soon!

To see more photos, please visit our Facebook page: 2017 Mannings Health Workshop